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Where it all Vegan

Surprisingly not a post about me becoming vegan. Sometimes we eat vegan, sometimes we don’t. It’s not necessarily even on purpose – salads, curries with coconut milk, vegetable pastas, hell fries! are all vegan and pretty regular in our diets. But then again we might follow these up with ice cream or chocolate so it’s […]

Summer Corn & Courgette Pasta

London summers are all over the place but when we are lucky enough to get the kind of weather that makes the best laid “I’m not going to drink during the week” plans go out the window we need to take advantage of it. This is why London parks and fields get rammed with people […]

Chinese 5 Spice Pork Belly with Asian Slaw

My best friend, Roxanne’s, boyfriend moved back to London from LA last week and hosted a homecoming at a pub just down the road from Jimmy and my place on Friday night. Which was awesome as we were able to walk there and home, in the rain of course because, well it’s summer in London. […]

Let’s talk about death baby.

Except we don’t really. And if we do it certainly doesn’t sound anything like a 90’s jam. And maybe some people won’t like that I’m making light of something that is so often sad and full of emotion. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, but perhaps if we did it more it wouldn’t […]

Anniversary Steak in Whiskey Cream Sauce

For years my Dad cooked this dish on my parent’s wedding anniversary. I don’t exactly know why but at some point their anniversary celebrations started to include my sisters and I so we too got to eat the delicious meal. Mum thinks the tradition of him making it for her probably began when they had […]