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Surprisingly not a post about me becoming vegan.

Sometimes we eat vegan, sometimes we don’t. It’s not necessarily even on purpose – salads, curries with coconut milk, vegetable pastas, hell fries! are all vegan and pretty regular in our diets. But then again we might follow these up with ice cream or chocolate so it’s all about balance right?

People choose to change their diet – vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, non-dairy, the list goes on – for a whole range of different reasons (and this information should only really be shared if asked, haha). I personally don’t really like cows milk and I really LOVE almond milk so I haven’t drunk cows milk in years now. But I still like cheese and I’m not ready to give it up. I don’t eat meat at all meals and I don’t eat it everyday but I do enjoy treating myself to a nice steak and when we go out to eat it’s unlikely I will choose to order vegetarian (especially if it costs the same as a meat dish!). For me I try to make conscious choices with my meat, buying free range (we don’t actually cook with it all that often due to the expense, which again relates to treating ourselves when we eat out) and I have a theory that if an animal is going to die so humans can consume it, well we should be willing to eat all of it! So yep not going to freak out about eating black/white pudding or anything like that. That’s a personal opinion and I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree.

I wrote this post in January, a time of year when people attempt to make lifestyle changes, follow diets, cut out alcohol, go to the gym a lot. I say attempt as it never seems to last. What I would find more helpful would be to make changes that are not extreme – rather than cutting things out completely, why not just cut down? As long as you are happy

Note: I actually originally starting writing this post over 6 months ago (I am well aware of my hiatus from her but that’s a very long story for another day).

So, back to food, what I have come to realise is that sometimes you can recreate flavours of favourite meat dishes without any meat – it’s all about the seasoning!

One time that we were staying at Jimmy’s parents, who were doing the 5 & 2 eating plan, his Mum had bought some duck legs for us to have for dinner and asked me to make something to accompany them. I decided to do a puy lentil dish and, as I often do, I made way too much. So for the next few days I was eating this puy lentil side dish on top of pasta and you know what it basically was….bolognese!

So when I was looking for some vegan recipes to try (I was secretly hoping I might be able to fool the meat-loving Jimmy) I researched and found the following lentil bolognese I knew I wanted to . So this post is simply a shout out to some blogs that helped me when we temporarily ate vegan – 4 days in a row! – with pictures of my recreations. My own vegan recipes (which I have sometimes eaten way more than 4 days in a row!) to one day come….

I may not have been able to fool the meat lover but I did invite my lovely friend, Nathan, the photographer who can be found at who is vegan for dinner. Considering he had seconds of the mac & cheese and even took a container home, I’d say he liked it.

Vegan Bolognese by Lazy Cat Kitchen


Vegan Mac & Cheese by Delicious Everyday


My food photography has a long way to go compared to these ladies.

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