A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Lynne and this is my Bit On The Side!

It’s on the side as like most people I have a job that pays the bills but now I also have a blog that’s purely for pleasure. Isn’t that what all side bits are supposed to be?

I am a (almost) 30-year-old who loves food and writing and occasionally being self-indulgent so putting all that love and energy into a blog seemed to be a natural progression.
I am always cooking and I literally walk around with blog posts writing themselves in my head so it is about time that I actually let them out and onto the page.

I am sure that every food blog you’ve ever come across mentions a love of food and cooking and of course, I’m no different. The thing is my obsession with cooking doesn’t yet mean I have great looking dishes, a well-equipped kitchen, professionally styled photos or even perfect recipes (yet…hopefully…this is a journey!). What I lack in utensils I make up for with style and enthusiasm!

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and not just the making a meal and eating it thing that we all do on the daily.
Rather, I love reading food blogs, recipe books, free supermarket magazines and restaurant menus. Like, for fun.
I get a real kick out of planning dinner parties – who doesn’t love a party where the food, décor, attire and music are all themed? – and it is the best feeling when I see people enjoy my food. Compliments on my food are always welcomed (read above self-indulgent comment) but I am also quite a harsh critic and get annoyed when the food is not quite perfect. But, like I said, this is a journey and I am hoping that by publishing the recipes and food I’m making I am only going to improve.

If I haven’t yet convinced you that I love food well that’s ok because I don’t actually have a one-track mind. There are so many other “bits” in my brain so I’m also going to take this opportunity to write about many other things that I care about. So along with food you’ll hopefully find some interesting reads on females, fucking and fun (so many of the best things in life start with F!).

So welcome to my world of recipes and ramblings! I hope you enjoy.

If you do, please do let me know via my email lynne (AT) bitontheside (DOT) org or the form below.