Let’s talk about death baby.

Except we don’t really. And if we do it certainly doesn’t sound anything like a 90’s jam. And maybe some people won’t like that I’m making light of something that is so often sad and full of emotion. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, but perhaps if we did it more it wouldn’t […]

Bulgarian Broccoli

At the end of January Jimmy and I spent a lovely weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria. We had wanted to visit friends in Ireland over New Years but the costs were incredibly inflated so we decided we would go away a month later instead. In choosing where to go we looked for a flight + hotel deal, […]

The other kind of ex.

We all have them in our lives – people we loved dearly, we laughed with, danced with, cried with, slept in the same bed with, loudly argued with, shared our secrets with, did mundane tasks together and celebrated one another’s lives. But not anymore. You still see them on your news feed, sharing photos of […]